How to get to Val Gardena

By car:

Valgardena - South Tyrol
Valgardena - South Tyrol 

Val Gardena can be reached using the Brenner Motorway (A 22).
Coming from north, follow the route Innsbruck - Brennero - Chiusa. Coming from south, follow Verona - Trento - Bolzano. Take the Chiusa/Val Gardena exit. Following the well-marked roads, you should reach Ortisei in about 20 minutes, then S. Cristina and Selva Gardena.

Valgardena Dolomites
Valgardena Dolomites 

At the end of the valley, you come to the Dolomite pass ways. They are only a few minutes distant. But you do not need a car to get around in Val Gardena. The lifts depart directly from the individual towns and there is also a very convenient bus service. Many guests arrive in the valley by train, plane or coach.

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  • Bolzano 40 km
  • Verona 190 km
  • Milan 300 km
  • Rome 700 km
  • Venice 250 km
  • Salzburg 320 km
  • Innsbruck 120 km
  • Munich 300 km
  • Zürich 420 km

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