Holiday Themes

Special & Unique

Are you looking for the ultimate holiday experience? Do you want to have more than just an ordinary holiday? And are you gifted with an unerring instinct for discovering special places to stay?


Wellness & Fitness

Do you like to purify your body when you are on holiday? Are you a health freak? And do you belong to those who weigh 2 kilos less after their holiday? 


Tradition & Style

Do you like to glimpse into the living habits of other cultures? Do you find it exciting to live in completely different interiors during your holiday?


Gourmet & Wine

Do you like approaching your holiday destination with knife and fork? Are you the type of person who learns the native language especially from menus? And do you always take home culinary treasures from your journeys?

Price & Value

Do you belong to the category of “smart buyers”? Do you like bargain hunting? And do you think that your holiday should be the most beautiful but not the most expensive time of the year?


Small & Cosy

Do you like living in small but sophisticated places? Do you appreciate establishments in which you can find your way without a compass? And do you prefer accommodations which afford the ultimate in privacy and ambience?


Beauty & Relax

Is the bathrobe your favourite holiday outfit? Do you know the difference between a hot stone and a shiatsu massage? And do you want to get pampered from head to toe?


Family & Kids

Are you looking for a holiday which fulfils three wishes at once: fun for your kids, relaxation for mum and action for dad? And do you expect more than just Mickey mouse dinners and welcome lollipops for your children?


Outdoor & Nature

Is your sports equipment one of your most loyal companions? Do you enjoy standing atop of a mountain? Do you feel at home with alpine roses and edelweiss?


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Holiday Themes
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Holiday Themes