Walks from Santa Cristina (Val Gardena)

Adventure trail Monte Pana „PanaRaida“

Trail Monte Pana „PanaRaida“
Trail Monte Pana „PanaRaida“ 

10 adventure stations in S. Cristina

At the parking place of Monte Pana you find the starting point of the adventure trail PanaRaida. From here walk towards the Station at the bottom of the chairlift Mont Sëura to beginn the path clockwise or anticlockwise. The path runs across meadows and fields and is peppered with 10 adventure stations using natural products. Ideal entertainment for children and parents alike.

The unique backdrop sets the tone for the whole walk and guarantees a fun time surrounded by nature for all the family. Walking time 1 h.

„La ferata de Gherdëina“ - The Val Gardena Railway trail

The Val Gardena Railway was constructed when the region was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy. The railway was running from 1916 to 1960 and was completed in record time. Today, the still existing railway line is a nice path, which starts near the Cisles Street in S. Cristina and leads you to Ortisei after a 3.5 km walk. On this comfortable way with panoramic view, you will find several information boards with historical pictures, which explain the Val Gardena Railway history. Walking time 1 h.

Legend trail towards S. Giacomo

This trail lets you discover the S. Giacomo church. According to legend, a young local inhabitant, Count Jakob von Stetteneck, let it build. He dedicated it to Saint Jakob, the protector of all hikers. The path starts at the church of S. Cristina. Directly behind it, it goes through the woods. Along the way there are 16 information boards. Their drawings and texts explain the Legend of Count Jakob. From the old Festil house in S. Giacomo you already see the church and after a steep but short ascent you are in front of it. Tradition holds that the S. Giacomo church is the oldest one of the whole valley, since its origin goes back to the 12th century. Its Gothic frescos in the presbytery and the paintings from the 16th century near the pulpit, which represent scenes of the legend, are valuable and unique. The church can be visited in summer only, from the beginning of July until the middle of September: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 10.30 a.m. – 12.00 a.m. Wednesday, Friday from 10.30 a.m. – 12.00 a.m. and from 15.30 p.m. – 17.00 p.m. Walking time 1,5 h.

"Raida dl luech" - Sightseeing walk

"Raida dl luech" - Sightseeing walk
"Raida dl luech" - Sightseeing walk 
Starting from the parish church and the library of S. Cristina the new sightseeing walk takes you on the former railroad line towards Selva Gardena up to Residence Anna. From there, go down to the Dosses Square and along the river to the children's playground "Iman". Here you'll see the biggest crib in the world. Then back to the river and down to the Pana Bridge and the station at the bottom of the Monte Pana chairlift. Turn right up to the house Tervela and then turn left to the waterfall. Cross the wood and reach the clearing Plan da la Sia (an ideal place to take a rest). Afterwards proceed to Soplajes. Cross the main road and go up to the church of S. Cristina again. walking time: about 1 hour

Circular walk via Plesdinaz

north of the Uridl Inn a steep path leads off to Ulëta; after 100 m a level path branches off to the right to Pensione Bellavista. The way back is along the road as far as Villa Dolomiti, where you turn right across the old railway embankment to reach the church (1 to 1½ hours).

The path to Ortisei

The path to Ortisei goes past the cemetery in the direction of Soplases; when you reach the Comploj food store the path crosses the main road, and then you turn left; after Casa Mulin d’Odun the path crosses the stream and then you turn right on the quiet road to Ortisei (1 hour; open in winter). Alternative route: from the Comploj food store follow the main road, and after 130 m join the old railway line to Ortisei.

Via crucis

From the Orchidee house (above the parish church) a Stations of the Cross begins with 14 stations, made by local sculptors, which goes through Col da Mëssa to the hamlet of Plesdinaz. The Stations of the Cross was inaugurated in September 1998 (see booklet).

Circular walk to the waterfalls

from the bottom of the Monte Pana Lift, a path leads off to the right to Casa Tervella, and then turns left through the woods to the waterfalls. To return, take the same path as far as the little bridge, then head for Soplases and from there to the church or to Hotel Post (1 to 1½ hours; open in winter).

S. Giacomo

There is also a fine circular walk to S. Giacomo with wonderful views of the Sassolungo and the Sella. The walk begins at the church square and goes via Ulëta (2 to 2½ hours; open in winter).

Castel Gardena/Fischburg

There is a leisurely walk to Castel Gardena/Fischburg leading from Piazza Dosses via Ruacia. Alternative circular route: from Hotel Post follow the River Gardena to Castel Gardena and continue to La Sëlva, returning via Ciaslat, Prënsa and down the Monte Pana road to S. Cristina (1 to 1½ hours).

Selva Gardena

The walk to Selva Gardena starts behind Hotel Wolkenstein above Piazza Dosses and leads to Hotel Oswald. The return route to S. Cristina is via La Sëlva, Ciaslat and Monte Pana.

Planetary Trail

S. Cristina boasts one of the most interesting Planetary Trails in South Tyrol. It is situated along the promenade built on the route of the former Val Gardena railway. The nine planets of our solar system (including the Earth) have been set up true to scale, and information boards have been added to provide the relevant information, such as the diameter of the planets, their density, distance from the Sun, number of moons etc. The educational goal of the Planetary Trail is to demonstrate to visitors the literally astronomic dimensions of the Universe.

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