Walks from Selva Gardena (Val Gardena)


From the parking lot to the entrance of Vallunga, we start direction Saint Sylvester’s Chapel. Passing the chapel, we continue along the gravel path that conducts to Pra da Rí, where we find a hut on a marvellous lawn that offers us the possibility to rest and enjoy the fascinating alpine world of the Nature Reserve Puez-Odle. We refresh ourselves with the water from the wooden fountain and start the return trip on the same path. (suitable also in winter)

"Via Crucis"

This path, one of the most ancient of Val Gardena, leads under the wall of the Stevia mountain, in an angle of nature which is indeed delicious. It begins on ‘Daunëi’ and it will take you to the Saint Sylvester’s Chapel in Vallunga. It is also a path of meditation, with 15 Stations of the Cross, which were created by a group of local artists in 1983. The single stations of the Passion of Christ have been carved into tree trunks. An information booklet is available at the parish priest’s house. ( trail suitable also in winter)

The ruins of Wolkenstein Castle

can be reached by a steep path that branches off to the left at the Carabinieri training centre in Vallunga. The path can also be reached from St. Silvester’s Chapel. The return route is via Daunëi to the centre of Selva. (The path can sometimes be used with caution in late winter).

Nteur Selva - Belvedere

The Belvedere walk ("sa i uedli") leads from Hotel Corona in the direction of the Dantercëpies Gondola. At Pensione Scoiattolo, there is a turn right and the path zig-zags steeply up to the ridge of Piz Ciaslat (15 minutes). The views from the top are very rewarding. The path is not recommended in winter. On this walk you can also reach Vallunga.

The old line of the Val Gardena Railway

is now used as a path that takes you to S. Cristina in a leisurely hour, and on to Ortisei in a further hour. Or you can follow the trail of the Val Gardena Railway in the other direction, to Plan and Plan de Gralba (open in winter).

Monte Pana

The walk to Monte Pana starts from the Oswald von Wolkenstein Cultural Centre. The route starts as a steep zig-zag path to the left before descending slightly to the Pensione La Pineta. Then turn left through the woods to La Sėlva and continue through wood and meadow to Monte Pana (1½ hours; not recommended in winter).

Keep-fit path

There is also a keep-fit path with a total of 18 exercises leading from the Oswald von Wolkenstein Cultural Centre to a fine vantage point. The view towards Vallunga reveals the prehistoric processes of glaciation in the valley. The course takes an hour to complete if you do all exercises as recommended (not for winter use).

Castel Gardena

From the Cultural Centre we continue for the asphalted road up to the Hotel La Pineta, where we start there for the forest path (30 B) that brings us to ‘La Sëlva’. Arrived at the Hotel Gran- vara, we turn to the right along the asphalted road that brings us in the forest. We come therefore to the imposing ‘Castel Gardena’. The path leads right to the Chapel S. Ottilia. From there we take the path to the right that brings us back to Selva Gardena.


A beautiful walk in the Stone City at Passo Sella. It has been equipped with informative panels, which enriches our knowledge about flora and fauna in Val Gardena. We depart from the bus stop of Passo Sella and follow the indications. We return to Passo Sella on path 526. Naturonda is a Natural Monument!

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