Snow & Sun

Enjoy the winter enchantment! The air is crystal-clear, the meadows, forests and impressive Dolomite mountains are covered in snow. Discover the forces of nature. Exhaust the variety of possibilities available. Make activities part of your holiday. Find a place in the sun ...

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Dali-Disco Dance
Selva Gardena / Wolkenstein
Str. Dantercëpies 7
phone: +39 0471 795069


Valley -9.2 °C
Mount. -15.0 °C
Slopes 175 / 175 km
lifts 79 / 79

Updated: 21.03.18 at 01:54 AM


Where is Valgardena?

Summer, sun … Val Gardena!

Summer, sun … Val Gardena!

Don’t miss Val Gardena in summer. Hiking, climbing or mountain-biking as well as culture and music, that’s what the valley in the heart of the Dolomites offer in summer. You can be sure that you’ll never forget your holiday in Val Gardena.

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