Ancient Customs in Val Gardena

Tradition and customs

There is no reason why nostalgia should be the automatic response to times gone by. Life was hard, and privation was the rule. But there was variety, too, with an annual calendar – indeed the whole life – made up of a succession of mostly rustic customs and celebrations. New Year’s wishes, Shrovetide and Easter customs, the processions of decorated cattle brought down from the mountains before the winter, and much else besides gave a special character and spirit to everyday life and holidays alike.

Today Advent is the traditional time for processions, for St. Nicholas ("San Miculau") and the "tléca nocht". Those are the Thursday evenings when youngsters in disguise go from house to house, playing their music and singing the old songs and receiving little gifts in return.

The New Year, too, is a time for music, and the children and youngsters come round singing the traditional song:

„Bon dì, bon ann! Di liegher y san!
Cun grazia y fertuna dut l tëmp de l ann.
Cun grazia y sanità y cun mancul piciá
la bela y bona man a mi!"

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Cultural scene

Circolo Artistico e Culturale
Ortisei / St. Ulrich
S. Antonio Square 102
phone: +39 0471 796046
 - Folk-Dancing-Group Selva - S. Cristina
S. Cristina / St. Christina
Str. Plesdinaz 163
phone: +39 0471 793288
fax: +39 0471 789392
cell.: +39 349 7515134
Istitut Ladin Micurá de Rü
Selva Gardena / Wolkenstein
Str. Nives 11
phone: +39 0471 794268
fax: +39 0471 794531
Branch of the Ladin Cultural Institute with office and library.
Union di Ladins de Gherdëina
Ortisei / St. Ulrich
Str. Rezia 83
phone: +39 0471 796870
fax: +39 0471 781570
Information and books on the Ladin culture and language.
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Winter 2019/20 Valley & Villages Art & Culture Customs
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Winter 2019/20 Valley & Villages Art & Culture Customs