S. Cristina - Monte Pana

Also S. Cristina has to offer some special runs for the friends of cross-country skiing. In fact Monte Pana is an ideal starting point for varied cross-country excursions with a spectacular panorama.

The new cross-country ski centre is situated on Monte Pana and is a completely newly created modern ski run, which features to all the cross-country skiers.
For the most ambitious skiers it’s the 8 km ski run, which paces you up and down to the fantastic Paluscmeadow, the ideal.
There are 1 km, 2,5 km, 3,3 km, 3,75 km, 5 km, 7,5 km ski runs not only for racing cross-country skiers, but also for hobby cross-country skiers.
The Monte Pana cross-country ski runs are characterized by challenging ascents and racy descents. The detailed signage on the totally of 30 km ski runs permit to change the direction at any time and to arrive problem-free at the starting point.

The starting point is in front of the Sporthotel Monte Pana:

  • 1,0 km Verzon dai Lens – level of difficulty: easy
  • 3,75 km Col dal Disé - level of difficulty: middle
  • 3,3 km Vedl Verzon - level of difficulty: middle
  • 2,5 km Mont dessot - level of difficulty: easy
  • 5,2 km Palusc - level of difficulty: easy
  • 2,5 km Lech - level of difficulty: middle
  • 5,0 km Col Tumblei - level of difficulty: middle
  • 7,5 km Val Scura - level of difficulty: difficult
  • 6,7 km La Buja - level of difficulty: difficult

Connection to Alpe di Siusi through a very challenging ski trail or via bus.


On follow full moon evenings the cross-country ski center will be open.

Monday 09.01.2012
Monday 06.02.2012
Wednesday 07.03.2012

You can get more information directly at the starting point at the Sporthotel Monte Pana.

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Cross country slopes

Vallunga 12 km
(12 km)
S. Cristina:
Monte Pana 30 km
(30 km)
Passo Pinei 4 km
Alpe di Siusi:
Alpe di Siusi 80 km
(77 km)
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